About Us

The company KNEIPE Nigeria Limited was incorporated as a limited Liability company in January 13, 1981 to engage in the import and export trade, wholesale distribution and general merchandise.

The company came into full business operation on 1st July 1990 with office located at No.98/100 Ladipo Street, Mushin Lagos.

During this period, the company was importing and selling Dano Milk, teabags, spaghetti and other household consumables.

However, in 1992, Kneipe Nigeria Limited became the Sole Packers of Dano milk in Nigeria. Dano Milk is a very high quality dairy product from Arla Foods ingredient, Denmark.

In "Dano Family",we have the following brands;
  • Dano Full Cream Powder milk.
  • Dano Slim Powder milk.

We have newly introduced the following brands;
  • Dano Coolcow Filled Powder milk.
  • Dano Choco Filled Powder milk.

All these brands are in various pack sizes of 10gms, 20grms, 180grms, 400gms, 500grms, 900gms and 2500gms.

Dano range of products is owned by Arla Foods Ingredients Amba of Denmark. Arla Foods is one of the biggest producers of dairy products in Europe.

The company has improved from the initial buying and selling of Dano products to the acquisition of new automated state of the art machines for the production and packaging of smaller sachets to meet the need of the consumers.

Our production and packaging processing is under strict supervision of our technical Partners Arla Foods to ensure compliance with European code of practice.

As a result of its high quality, DANO milk has been awarded the standard Organization of Nigeria’s Mandatory Conformity Assessment Certification Programme (MANCAP NIS Logo No.FT1004).

Thus from its humble beginning in 1990 with Dano products, the company now markets other range of high quality consumable products in order to continue to satisfy the yearning of our consumers.

These products are:
  • Good Morning White Oats.
  • Good Morning Tea.
  • Good Morning Cornflakes.
  • Good Morning Choco Flakes.
  • Good Morning Frosted flakes.
  • Good Morning Rice Wheat flakes.

In 1992, due to expansion and growth, the company moved to N0 12, Aerodrome Road, Apapa from where it later relocated to 8A/8B Wharf Road, Apapa in the year 2002.

In the year 2009, the company established another factory at 24 Wharf Road Apapa for the packaging and warehousing of his products.

The brightest facets of Kneipe Nigeria Limited are our Customers, Our Employees and those who believe in our products.

As we look forward to a bright future for KNEIPE, we are grateful to our esteemed distributors who continue to place greater reliance on our products.

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